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Lol this guy on hornet didn’t even say hi he just messaged “cute” but you know what I messaged him back because he also looks cute and sexy and I don’t care about standards right now I just need to at least talk to someone who may be interested. The fact that this is on hornet and not okcupid. I have all these random dating apps I will never get rid of because let’s be honest I will never find someone the normal romantic way.



Oh my god. 


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I did a lot of physical labor at work today and any normal person would have been like “that’s enough of a work out for today.” But I said “nope still need to work out tonight” because I didn’t feel satisfied with myself when I came home. I’m either crazy or motivated and I’d like to think those are synonyms. Actually I would be crazy if I wasn’t motivated. 

mackenziechance asked: Blessed Unrest (obviously) Electra Heart (deluxe preferably)

The Blessed Unrest

  1. Hercules
  2. Cassiopeia
  3. Eden
  4. Chasing The Sun
  5. Brave
  6. Islands
  7. Little Black Dress
  8. Manhattan
  9. 1000 Times
  10. I Choose You
  11. December
  12. Satellite Call

(that was so difficult ughhhhh)

Electra Heart

  1. Teen Idle
  2. Radioactive
  3. Sex Yeah
  4. Fear and Loathing
  5. Power and Control
  6. How To Be a Heartbreaker
  7. Hypocrates
  8. Primadonna
  9. The State of Dreaming
  10. Valley of the Dolls
  11. Starring Role
  12. Bubblegum Bitch
  13. Homewrecker
  14. Lies

These were really hard okay I don’t think I can do this again lol